Google Ranking Tracking: Why is It Important

Google is one of the world renowned websites in the world. It is because Google is the best search engine that there is on the internet. Without Google, it would be hard finding the best and useful websites out there. This is due to the fact that there are thousands of websites that are on the internet. This is real and people all over the world do not know all of these websites, they only know a handful that are famous all over the world. This is not a good thing for other websites that also have the potential to become a good one because they live under the shadow of these websites wherein they cannot be discovered by people all the time.

Which is why when it comes to Google, they all have a place in the rankings. It is because Google ensures that they give their clients and customers the best websites that are there for them so that they will not waste their time finding worthless websites that has bugs or viruses all over them. Now when it comes to Google and its rankings, they always track the websites that people visit and use all the time. However, Google cannot track these websites manually because it would be impossible for them. Which is why they created an algorithm for their Google rank tracking.

  Google rank tracker api visitors of websites all the time, be it new or old. Whenever a person visits a website, Google waits for the person for a certain period of time before they leave the website. If that happens, Google will award a point to the website because the visitor stayed there for a while because it was useful and interesting. For visitors that visit a website and they do not even stay there for a single minute, then Google will not give the website a point because it has deemed it useless due to the fact that the visitor did not even stay for a minute.

This is what Google does when it comes to tracking websites in order for them to make sure that the have quality websites and useful ones on their rankings to. It is because Google wants to generate more traffic for the websites and they also want to make them number one on the search engines which is why Google serp rank api tracking is really important.